Marina and Moorage Brokerage

Does your advisor really understand your business?

You’ll hear many properties described as “unique” and no doubt all are as distinct as those who build them. However over generations of enjoyment, trials, our own management and investment we have come to respect those who have built some of the most “unique” properties in the western United States. Whether coastal marinas providing moorage to long-range travelers, trawlers and sportsfishers; city and suburban moorage of floating homes, watersports and paddle enthusiasts; or the ever-reaching operators who have built their livelihoods on distant lakes, bays and streams to satisfy our endless search for adventure; we respect your achievement.

Nowhere else do our western ideals of land-use, entitlement and conservation converge so dramatically against commerce, our deep desire for adventure and activity in these special places that nature has set at our doorsteps. Those of you who have struggled, succeeded and built some of the docks and facilities that we have grown to love as our own hold a true place in our hearts and professional minds. In turn, we have developed our approach, connections and strategies tailormade to your needs.

Equitect, our principals and staff, represent the preeminent marina and moorage brokerage in the northwest. It is unlikely you will find a team of more experienced brokers, advisors or managers and we absolutely strive to provide investment marketing, underwriting and valuations that can only be achieved by principals with a thorough understanding of what it takes to have built and maintained what you have done over the past decades. It’s a whole new world of regulation and market. Whether advising on land-use, valuation, capitalization, management or brokerage; buyer, seller or simply a quick exploration into the class we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to gain from your experience and lend our own.

Listings representation primarily in Oregon but we are available for consultation throughout the United States whether you are an owner, buyer or seller.

Marina Brokerage

Since taking on our first marina challenge, the principals at Equitect have likely represented more marina buyers and sellers than anyone in the State of Oregon. We work to understand your asset as we understand there are no two alike and we strive to create value from that instead of complication.

Marina Management

Throughout our experience representing operators, buyers and sellers of moorage, we’ve met few firms and personnel with the experience it takes to operate a moorage successfully. This has in-turn created few opportunities for owners assessing their options. We offer owners and investors customizable solutions for stable returns, preserving equity and community.

Submerged and Submersible Lands

In the Oregon most submerged lands are property of the state for the benefit of Oregonians. Marinas, docks, wharfs, bridges, terminals, seawalls, dams and other structures are constructed on or near these areas typically under either deeded ownership or submersible lands lease from the state. If we can’t help you sort out what you are looking at or getting into we know who will.

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